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17w0926 cold brew coffee hero article

COSTCO Connection / Cold Brew Coffee

Summer-ready coffee recipes

Vday 10 article

EATER / Nine Rules for Brewing Coffee at Home

The ultimate nine rules for brewing coffee at home... successfully. Photo c/o Ruth Tate, Crema.co

1*egoqbiyb99ont8k0ybs1eq article

How I Broke into Tech: Ex-music Teacher to Founder

I bumbled into tech. Read about it here, for Breaking Into.

Ice cream article

Ferenji in Ethiopia: Guest Post by Emily McIntyre – KC Coffee Geek

Life in Ethiopia's Coffeelands with a 5 year old and lots of goats.

Coffee4 article

DRAFT Mag / Kansas City: Where coffee and beer collide

Beer and coffee were once big business for Kansas City; mega-roaster Folgers opened a downtown plant in 1908 (it closed last year), and macrobreweries like Rochester and Imperial churned out national brew until Prohibition.

6a00d8341d4d7c53ef01b7c86a23a2970b 450wi article

SOMM Journal / Expressing Perfection: Caffe Borghetti

June / July 2015 - There's a problem with coffee liqueurs: this one is better.

14. glass 1 article

SOMA Magazine / Glass Distillery

Until recently, artisan glass was reserved for royalty and the extremely wealthy, produced in Venice by master glassmakers. Leave it to the Pacific Northwest to disrupt centuries of tradition.

Marsha mcbride article

RENDER / Butcher Marsha McBride

In the thump and grind of butchery, the hot red smell of blood, and the weight of fresh meat in her arms, Marsha McBride finds a deep contentment.

Summer slump feature 1024x512 article

Trello Blog / Summer Productivity Slump

While summer is one of the most enchanting times of year, it can be hard to stay focused in the face of all the other things you could be doing.

Cupping together 894x372 article
Fresh Cup Magazine

Reports from Ethiopia—Part Nine - Fresh Cup Magazine

Ninth in a series of posts on the intricacies of living in Ethiopia, working in coffee, and traveling as a family.

Analog fixed article

Paste.com / Our 4 Favorite Seattle Coffeehouses

Seattle, Washington: stylish, self-assured…according to many, the city is the capitol of modern coffee culture.

20140302teardropfinal article
Serious Eats

Serious Drinks / PDX Cocktail Guide

Portland, Oregon has become a cradle to beverage innovation in many fields, from cocktails to coffee. It makes sense that there would constantly be new good things to drink here.

Images 8 article

Missouri Life / Missouri Harp Therapy

Missouri harp therapist bring healing to people in pain through a mix of compassion, science, and art.


Costco Connection / Personal Branding

June 2016 - A discussion of personal branding: what it is, how to do it, and why. 8 million circ.

Painting article

Rails to Trails Mag / A View From South Dakota

Spring/summer 2013 - Venture onto the George S. Mickelson Trail and you plunge into the heart of the Black Hills in South Dakota.